GPS tracking system
  • Vehicle tracking (24/7 Real-Time)
  • Real-time control by your Phone or Computer
  • 24 hrecording of all vehicle movements
  • Detailed statistics for each vehicle


Real-time location check of all vehicles
Vehicle speed monitoring
Fleet organization
CLOUD Data storage
Application / Administrative Panel for controlling from your phone or computer at any time
Review of vehicle movements for the past period (replay)
Detailed group and individual statistics for each vehicle

Signal transmission

• The device located in the vehicles, receive the signal from the satellite system and sends the coordinates and other informations through the local network to the Cloud servers of AR HOLDING.

• All Information is available 24/7 from Your Phone or Computer

• Detailed daily information for each vehicle:
• Past kilometers
• Time of Vehicle on movement
• Maximum and average speed

• Graphical representation of informations
• Recreating of vehicle movements visually on the map

Different types of maps

8 Types of maps with satellite or vector images

Emergency button

Its placed on the vehicle and in case the driver clicks it the system automatically notifies the base via SMS message

Administrative Panel

• Access at any time from your phone or computer

• Navigate to the vehicle via Google Maps.

• Vehicle live location sharing for a certain time (Public link).

• Printing of individual or group statistics and other data for certain periods