Time attendance and Employee management system
  • Real-time control by phone or computer
  • Biometric identification
  • Registration or blocking of employees remotely
  • Detailed statistics for each employee


Check employees when they show up at work
Information about employees working time
Notices about employees who are late or leave early
Detailed overview of information for each user
Application / Administrative Panel for controlling users at any time from your phone or computer
Special accounts in the administration panel for all users
Information about method, time and location where the identification was made

Shchedule Calculation

• Different ways to calculate the schedule, adapted for your company needs.

• Special calculations for Part time or full time employees.

• Options for scheduling work tours, daily breaks and vacations.

Multiple device connection

Opportunity to connect multiple devices together on the network enabling employees to identify themselfs on any device that is closer to them.

User identification methods

Electronic Cards
Password (PIN)

Network Connection

Biometric devices are connected to Internet by wired or wireless connection (WIFI) enabling you to have access 24/7 remotely


Detailed group and individual statistics for all employees for different periods

CLOUD Data storage

• All users and their statistics are recorded on the local devices and also in real time on AR HOLDING Cloud servers. This allows you to access all the data remotely.

• Automatic CLOUD backup enables information to be saved and secured even if the devices are destroyed.

• All the datas in the database are protected using various techniques and encrypted with the AES 256 bit algorithm.

• In case any device does not have internet access, the data is collected and sent to the network at the first moment when the device is connected to the network.

Administrative Panel

The ONLINE management platform offers you access to all informations remotely from your phone or computer

• Special limited access to the platform for managers or department leaders

• Printing of individual or group statistics and other data for certain periods