Smart HOME
  • Controlling of all electrical appliances from your phone
  • Controlling of doors and shutters
  • Alarm system
  • GPS vehicle tracking
  • Automatic scenes


Real-time control of all electrical appliances from your phone
Automatic activation of scenes according to the set time
Measurement of electricity consumption
Alarm system with detectors of: Movements, Door opening, Water leakage and Fire detectors
SMS notification for each Alarm
Seperate accounts with different privileges for each user
Real-time GPS control and vehicle motion recordings for 365 days
Option to open/close doors and shutters

How it works?

Our WIFI devices can be added into sockets, switches or cables so any of your electrical appliance can be turned into smart device, which you can control from your phone at any time.

Electrical appliances, plugs and lights will continue to work manually but you will have detailed statistics on the application for any kind of manual or usage via app.

Alarm system

The alarm system works by placing our modem inside your facility and on it you can connect an unlimited number of sensors:

• Sensor for motion detection (infrared)
• Sensor for detecting door or window openings
• Sensor for detecting water leaks
• Sensor for smoke and fire detection

The sensors are connected wirelessly to the modem and can be placed up to 150 meters away from the modem.

Sensor batteries have a lifespan of 1-2 years



Special accounts

Special accounts in the Application for each user and options for adding and changing user privileges.

SMS notification

Option to receive SMS notifications for any alarm trigger

Scene automation

Scene automation allows you to program a set of devices to turn on or off at a specific time on certain days.

GPS vehicle Tracking

Real Time Vehicle Control and Tracking

24-hour recording of vehicle movements

Speed monitoring

Detailed statistics for each vehicle