Web Hosting

  • Powerful linux servers
  • Company E-mail Accounts
  • Fast connection(Full duplex)
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee

Web Servers

  • Easy to Use Control Panels
  • Website migration support
  • SEO high ranking
  • Guaranteed resources
  • User-friendly interface
Dual HDD
Web Hosting Space

Your Website/Script will be hosted on powerful servers with dual Hard Disks, everything you save it will be saved in both HDD and will protect your files on disk failtures.

24/7 Support
Technical Support

Our team will be available for you at any time via Phone, Email, Live chat, helping you on all processes.

Premium E-mails

We will create premium E-mail accounts for your company, Custom Webmail, E-mail forwarders,etc. So there is no need of spending money on Google G-Suite .

Secured Server
256-bit encryption

We offer you free SSL certificate with strongest 256-bit encryption. You will have https protocol enabled so it will allow secure connections from our web server to a browser, and all your client connections will be protected while using your services

Regularly Backup
Encryption System

We regularly backup your files and encrypt them with a key that just you can open. In case you delete your files accidentally, you have opportunity to restore them

High Performance

Our servers are made with high quality hardware, regularly monitoring and maintenance,We use water cooling system on all servers, so they are always stable and on top performance which give you speed in applications functioning